Which Nike Shoe Should You Pick?

Nike is no doubt one of the most recognizable running shoe brands in the world. These shoes have been on the feet of celebrities like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Drake and Tinny Tempeh. The ‘Just Do It’ slogan has also been a long favorite of many sports fans around the world. If you are looking for a sports shoe, there are plenty of choices to pick from among the Nike brand. How do you pick a Nike shoe that will be a faithful partner in your quest for fitness?

Nike has 3 broad categories of shoes; running shoes, walking shoes and trainers.

  • Walking shoes

You need this show if you are exercising at a moderate pace up to speed walking. This shoe is made for lesser impact, but more for support, stability and cushioning.

  • Running shoes – These are the shoes for jogging, running, sprinting and marathon. These shoes are designed for more protection against shock to the feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Trainers – These are shoes for a broad range of physical activities including running, cross-training, aerobics, basketball and other physical activities that require varied feet and leg movement. Trainers are made for stability, shock absorption, and ankle support.

Famous Nike shoes

  • Nike Air – This is probably the most famous Nike line. It has been around since the 1980s as running, walking, and trainers.
  • Nike Free – This is a recent addition to the Nike collection. The design is for custom fit and greater flexibility. These shoes are ideal for walking and running, with the highest flexibility feeling like barefoot walking.
  • Nike Lunar – This shoe is designed for cushioning and support.
  • Nike Zoom – This shoe is designed for lightweight cushioning, being lighter than Air technology.

Sports shoes

  • Basketball shoes – Also known as cleats, these shoes are recognizable by their high tops. These shoes have been endorsed by top basketball players with Nike Air being famously associated with Mike Jordan.
  • Tennis shoes – Nike’s tennis shoes are made from a lightweight and durable design, for the quick and random movements in tennis. They include City Court, Breathe Court, Vapor 9, and Max Cage.

Different Nikes for different occasions

  • If you want an everyday comfortable shoe, go for Air Max, Air Force, and Cortez
  • If you want a shoe for general exercises at the gym go for Free Trainer, Air Max, Fusion, and Free TR
  • If you want a walking and jogging shoe, go for Lunar Glide, Zoom Elite, Flex and Free 3.0-5.0
  • If you want a shoe for long runs and marathons go for the Zoom Structure or the Lunar Glide.


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