6 Workable Tips to Prepare Your Flat For Tenancy

Are you having a hard time finding tenants for your property? Regardless of where your property is located, there a few things that you could do to make the property more attractive to potential tenants. Remember that a potential client will be looking for a place that can serve family needs, is clean, has all the utilities working, and is pleasing to the eye. There are few workable tips you deploy to meet these expectations.

Basic repairs

Well planned and creative basic repairs can make a big change in the look of the house. Some of these simple repair jobs include fixing leaks, filling chips and scuff marks, replacing bulbs and faucets.

Professional cleaning

If the property has been previously occupied, it should be cleaned as professionally as possible from top to bottom. The best way to go about this is by engaging a tenancy cleaning London service. With a professional cleaning service, you are better guaranteed of results that will impress potential clients. This cleaning should involve de-cluttering, dusting, wiping, polishing and disinfecting in the whole house.

The property should be left without any hint of dust, dirt, and smells. Ensure that even hidden places like beneath heavy furniture are properly cleaned. There should not be any lingering smells. Ensure that the bathroom and kitchen appliances have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to stop smell-causing mold and fungi.

Buffing the floor

For a property with hard flooring, the look of the floor can make a good or bad impression. Hard floors include laminate, tile, and hardwood. Dents, cracks, and stains should be eliminated.  Restoring the floor can cost a bit, but a shiny new looking floor makes a very big impression on prospective tenants.

Work on the windows

Any prospective will look at the view outside. Dirty windows can make a negative impression as well as reduce the amount of natural light coming in.  Ensure that the cleaning service works on all windows.

Work on the walls

Cleaning the walls is sometimes not enough. Leftover items from the previous tenancy, for example, wallpaper should be removed. So should any wall art and other décor items.  It is highly advisable that the wall color is neutral.

Work on the curb appeal

How does the property look from the road? First impressions matter. Have the tenancy cleaning London service clean outside areas as well including the veranda and driveway. The lawn should be mowed, and weeds pulled from the garden if there is one. If the budget is flexible do some basic landscaping.

Preparing your property for tenancy is an investment that can attract quality tenants and bring in higher rents.

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