5 Tips to Get Affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

If your current tenant has left and you need to do good end of tenancy cleaning quickly, the best option would be to engage a professional cleaning service. This will ensure that the rental unit is cleaned good as new which will impress your potential tenants and get the unit occupied quickly. Some people fear engaging a professional cleaning service in the mistaken belief that it is a costly service. How can you get affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices?

Get good referrals

This is the quickest option if you know somebody who has experienced the end of tenancy cleaning service. You can also use the networks of real estate agents as they have their ears on the ground. Realtors are good sources for contacts as they routinely engage cleaning services to prepare units that have been vacated.

There are numerous forums online where you can get good reviews and referrals. You could also use Facebook or Pinterest where there robust discussion groups.  There are numerous classifieds too where you can get numerous ads for cleaning services.

Compare price quotes

It is always advisable to consider 2-3 options in cleaning services. Collect price quotes and do comparisons based on prices and other bonus services.

Do a site assessment

Do not rely on price quotes done over the phone. A cleaning service will always quote a bit high and err on the right side of the price. Get an accurate quote by having a sales agent come to do a site visit. The agent will do a more accurate than he would have by relying on your description over the phone.

Clean up a bit

If the previous tenant left the house looking like a disaster scene, you are bound to pay extra. You will get a high price quote if you invite a sales agent to do a price quote when the house in total disarray. Tidying up a bit encourages a lower quote.

Your pair of hands

A cleaning service will be willing to negotiate if you can chip in on the job. Doing this will give you the extra advantage of keeping an eye on the job. This will also help you to find some of the best end of tenancy cleaning prices in London.

Haggle hard

There are numerous cleaning services that are eager to handle your job. You can always negotiate for a good discount.

As a landlord, keeping your houses in good condition will improve your occupancy rates which will keep your rental income flowing in. you can also raise the rent if there is competition for your attractive houses.

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