House Sharing Hacks: Make a Small Room Feel Spacious in Manchester

Finding ways to store your belongs while spacious feel in your shared rooms to rent Manchester can prove a daunting battle. The bedroom is the only haven where you can relax, particularly if you live with other tenants. This is why it is so important to make the most of the space, even if it is a little bit on the smaller side. There are many ways to optimize your small bedroom and make it feel more spacious. Below are a few tips to get you started.

Transparent furniture

Clear lampshades and vases, not to mention transparent tables and chairs are a great tool for making a small space feel bigger. Transparent furniture gives the impression that the room is larger than it actually is. You can also take advantage of transparent accessories like lighting and vases to achieve the same results.

Tactically placed mirrors

Restaurants and shops often use mirrors on the walls to make the space look bigger. It is amazing how you can take advantage of the same principle in your room to make it seem larger. Strategically place mirrors across from the walls to create an illusion of a spacious room. They work by reflecting the light.

Lighter colors on walls and floor

Incorporating lighter colors on the walls and floor is an effective way of maximizing space in a small room. While you may not have a choice when it comes to repainting the walls in shared accommodation, you should think twice about using a dark colored rug for the floor. Doing so will only make your space appear smaller. Additionally, you can use light colored rug to divide the room into smaller areas and create a spacious appearance.

Furniture with exposed legs and space underneath

Opting for furniture with exposed legs and space underneath is another great way of creating a more spacious looking room. Whether it is a chest of drawers, a bed, sofa or even bedside cabinet, make sure that the furniture has uncovered legs when presented with that choice.

Look for hidden storage

Rather than buy more storage furniture that will only make your room look cluttered, consider looking for hidden storage in the existing furniture. Space underneath the wardrobe or bed can be great for keeping storage boxes tucked away. And while it is tempting to leave keys, earphones, purse and other essentials expose, it’s best to keep them in a box or draw.

What Will Continue Making Nike the Most Dominant Athleticwear?

Millennial shoppers are one of Nike’s largest and most important group of customers. In fact, the American brand is betting its future on the shopping habits of this crucial and dynamic group. The maker of some of the most iconic apparels and footwear for athletes will outperform other players in the industry in the next five years. Over the years, the brand has relied on specific factors to emerge the most dominant player in the industry.

What will make it the most talked-about brand by athletes?

Products that Enhance Health and Wellness

For a long time, Nike has marketed its products as the best for a person who believes in the importance of good health and wellness. Most of its modern products are geared for millennials, whose love for health and wellness knows no bounds. In fact, research shows that the number of millennials who participate in running activities/events has been increasing by 9% each year since 2005.

You can bet that Nike is the first name they think when buying footwear and apparel.

Increased competition = Better products

Nike has never been afraid of competition. In fact, it uses competition to motivate itself to produce better and more improved products. A few of the brand’s most famous competitors include Lululemon, Adidas, New Balance, and UnderArmour. The intense competition has pushed these brands to make the sort of apparel and footwear that customers can’t resist. Nike recently launched the wildly successful Flyknit.

Through Flyknit, Nike intends to outperform and stay ahead of the competition.

Nike Prioritizes Comfort

One thing all athletes who use Nike products love about the brand’s apparel and footwear is comfort. The brand has always put a premium on comfort. Its products guarantee the casual comfort athletes need when training or competing actively. Latest results show that more consumers are opting for the brand’s casual wear over denim. In fact, the apparel maker has already started making plans to offer wide-ranging assortments.

Internationalization of Athletic Apparel

Everywhere you look, you will notice the internationalization of athletic apparel. Middle class is rising in Latin America and China. Consequently, that causes an increased demand for athletic apparel. The potential in these new markets remains unrealized, which is good news for Nike. The brand has never shied off from sinking its teeth into new, emerging markets and that will not change any time soon.

A growing middle class around the world means more people have better purchasing power.

You can bet that Nike will continue being the dominant player it has been in the next few years.

6 Workable Tips to Prepare Your Flat For Tenancy

Are you having a hard time finding tenants for your property? Regardless of where your property is located, there a few things that you could do to make the property more attractive to potential tenants. Remember that a potential client will be looking for a place that can serve family needs, is clean, has all the utilities working, and is pleasing to the eye. There are few workable tips you deploy to meet these expectations.

Basic repairs

Well planned and creative basic repairs can make a big change in the look of the house. Some of these simple repair jobs include fixing leaks, filling chips and scuff marks, replacing bulbs and faucets.

Professional cleaning

If the property has been previously occupied, it should be cleaned as professionally as possible from top to bottom. The best way to go about this is by engaging a tenancy cleaning London service. With a professional cleaning service, you are better guaranteed of results that will impress potential clients. This cleaning should involve de-cluttering, dusting, wiping, polishing and disinfecting in the whole house.

The property should be left without any hint of dust, dirt, and smells. Ensure that even hidden places like beneath heavy furniture are properly cleaned. There should not be any lingering smells. Ensure that the bathroom and kitchen appliances have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to stop smell-causing mold and fungi.

Buffing the floor

For a property with hard flooring, the look of the floor can make a good or bad impression. Hard floors include laminate, tile, and hardwood. Dents, cracks, and stains should be eliminated.  Restoring the floor can cost a bit, but a shiny new looking floor makes a very big impression on prospective tenants.

Work on the windows

Any prospective will look at the view outside. Dirty windows can make a negative impression as well as reduce the amount of natural light coming in.  Ensure that the cleaning service works on all windows.

Work on the walls

Cleaning the walls is sometimes not enough. Leftover items from the previous tenancy, for example, wallpaper should be removed. So should any wall art and other décor items.  It is highly advisable that the wall color is neutral.

Work on the curb appeal

How does the property look from the road? First impressions matter. Have the tenancy cleaning London service clean outside areas as well including the veranda and driveway. The lawn should be mowed, and weeds pulled from the garden if there is one. If the budget is flexible do some basic landscaping.

Preparing your property for tenancy is an investment that can attract quality tenants and bring in higher rents.

5 Tips to Get Affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

If your current tenant has left and you need to do good end of tenancy cleaning quickly, the best option would be to engage a professional cleaning service. This will ensure that the rental unit is cleaned good as new which will impress your potential tenants and get the unit occupied quickly. Some people fear engaging a professional cleaning service in the mistaken belief that it is a costly service. How can you get affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices?

Get good referrals

This is the quickest option if you know somebody who has experienced the end of tenancy cleaning service. You can also use the networks of real estate agents as they have their ears on the ground. Realtors are good sources for contacts as they routinely engage cleaning services to prepare units that have been vacated.

There are numerous forums online where you can get good reviews and referrals. You could also use Facebook or Pinterest where there robust discussion groups.  There are numerous classifieds too where you can get numerous ads for cleaning services.

Compare price quotes

It is always advisable to consider 2-3 options in cleaning services. Collect price quotes and do comparisons based on prices and other bonus services.

Do a site assessment

Do not rely on price quotes done over the phone. A cleaning service will always quote a bit high and err on the right side of the price. Get an accurate quote by having a sales agent come to do a site visit. The agent will do a more accurate than he would have by relying on your description over the phone.

Clean up a bit

If the previous tenant left the house looking like a disaster scene, you are bound to pay extra. You will get a high price quote if you invite a sales agent to do a price quote when the house in total disarray. Tidying up a bit encourages a lower quote.

Your pair of hands

A cleaning service will be willing to negotiate if you can chip in on the job. Doing this will give you the extra advantage of keeping an eye on the job. This will also help you to find some of the best end of tenancy cleaning prices in London.

Haggle hard

There are numerous cleaning services that are eager to handle your job. You can always negotiate for a good discount.

As a landlord, keeping your houses in good condition will improve your occupancy rates which will keep your rental income flowing in. you can also raise the rent if there is competition for your attractive houses.

Which Nike Shoe Should You Pick?

Nike is no doubt one of the most recognizable running shoe brands in the world. These shoes have been on the feet of celebrities like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Drake and Tinny Tempeh. The ‘Just Do It’ slogan has also been a long favorite of many sports fans around the world. If you are looking for a sports shoe, there are plenty of choices to pick from among the Nike brand. How do you pick a Nike shoe that will be a faithful partner in your quest for fitness?

Nike has 3 broad categories of shoes; running shoes, walking shoes and trainers.

  • Walking shoes

You need this show if you are exercising at a moderate pace up to speed walking. This shoe is made for lesser impact, but more for support, stability and cushioning.

  • Running shoes – These are the shoes for jogging, running, sprinting and marathon. These shoes are designed for more protection against shock to the feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Trainers – These are shoes for a broad range of physical activities including running, cross-training, aerobics, basketball and other physical activities that require varied feet and leg movement. Trainers are made for stability, shock absorption, and ankle support.

Famous Nike shoes

  • Nike Air – This is probably the most famous Nike line. It has been around since the 1980s as running, walking, and trainers.
  • Nike Free – This is a recent addition to the Nike collection. The design is for custom fit and greater flexibility. These shoes are ideal for walking and running, with the highest flexibility feeling like barefoot walking.
  • Nike Lunar – This shoe is designed for cushioning and support.
  • Nike Zoom – This shoe is designed for lightweight cushioning, being lighter than Air technology.

Sports shoes

  • Basketball shoes – Also known as cleats, these shoes are recognizable by their high tops. These shoes have been endorsed by top basketball players with Nike Air being famously associated with Mike Jordan.
  • Tennis shoes – Nike’s tennis shoes are made from a lightweight and durable design, for the quick and random movements in tennis. They include City Court, Breathe Court, Vapor 9, and Max Cage.

Different Nikes for different occasions

  • If you want an everyday comfortable shoe, go for Air Max, Air Force, and Cortez
  • If you want a shoe for general exercises at the gym go for Free Trainer, Air Max, Fusion, and Free TR
  • If you want a walking and jogging shoe, go for Lunar Glide, Zoom Elite, Flex and Free 3.0-5.0
  • If you want a shoe for long runs and marathons go for the Zoom Structure or the Lunar Glide.


How to Pick a Pair of Running Shoes

You would think that picking a pair of running shoes is simply getting the right fit and aesthetics. But there is much more you need to look at when buying your next Nike running shoes. Running is an impact sport meaning that your feet, ankles, and knees absorb shock as you pound the tarmac. Your shoes can make running a comfortable or an uncomfortable, and even risky undertaking. What should you look at when buying running shoes?

Where you run

  • Trail running – This is off road running where you encounter mud, pebbles and loose soil. Trail running shoes are made with deeper tread, greater underfoot protection, more support and stability for the ankles.
  • Road running – This is running on tarmac, pavement, field track and other packed surfaces. Road running shoes are light and made to cushion the foot against the hard surface.
  • Cross-training – These exercises are more about the foot having more contact with the ground rather than shock protection.

How you run

Where does the bulk of your pressure land? This can be seen by looking at how your shoes wear off.

  • Normal pronation – This is where the pressure is evenly applied to the whole foot. It shows as wearing out at the heel and ball of the foot. Neutral runners need neutral shoes
  • Under pronation (supination) – Pressure falls more on the outer edges of the foot. This needs neutral shoes with extra cushioning
  • Overpronation – The feet roll inward when running wearing out the inner edge of the shoes. This needs shoes with stabilizers, which have a ‘post’ which reinforces the arch at the mid-sole. Motion control shoes are also suitable for this condition. These are shoes with stiffer heels.

Shoe material

What are the shoe uppers made of?

  • Nylon and mesh – Preferred for lightness and breathability
  • Synthetic leather – A mixture of polyester and nylon. This material is lighter and more breathable than leather while lasting more than nylon mesh.
  • Thermoplastic urethane overlays – Used to enhance stability

Most running shoes have midsoles made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). The EVA is laid in single or multiple layers depending on the support and stability needed. Other features on midsoles include:

  • Posts – These are thicker sections that are harder to compress and used for stability. The posts could be dual, quad or multi-density.
  • Plates – Used on the ball of the shoe to protect this part of the foot from sharp rock, thorns etc.

Outsoles are made of either blown rubber, which is lighter or carbon rubber which withstands wear for longer.

The next time you are picking a pair of Nikes, you might want to spend more time evaluating your shoe for more than the perfect size.